You can disable notifications at any time from your browser. In order to allow us to keep developing Myfxbook, please whitelist the site in your ad blocker settings. The higher the unemployment rate in the EU, the poorer will be its economy. Similarly, if the unemployment rate is low, the economy would be thriving and the value of EURCAD would also appreciate. Canada originally had been using the Canadian Pound as its currency since 1841.

eurcad correlation

As an example, a positive correlation of, say, 0.50 between AUD/USDand EUR/USDwould mean that when AUD/USD rallies, EUR/USD has also rallied 50% of the time, according to previous data. The tool gives the best size of the position for forex trading. The Euro is the second most popular reserve currency in the world and On IFC Markets Reviews: Why this One Stands Out is considered to be very stable. The Canadian dollar is the seventh most commonly traded currency in the world and is highly dependent on Canada’s exporting of its natural resources, especially oil. If the demand for crude oil increases, Canada will export more crude oil and therefore, EURCAD will decrease in value.


Both EUR and CAD are individually among the most popular currencies around the world. When paired together, although still considered a minor, they are invincible. EURCAD is among the minor currency pairs in the forex industry. It is the seventh most popular minor currency pair in terms of volume.

eurcad correlation

The $1 note is popularly known as a ‘Loonie’ while the $2 note is popularly known as a ‘Toonie’. On its own, the Canadian Dollar is the eighth most popular currency in terms of the trading volume. It is also relatively stable as an individual currency as compared to the Euro as it isn’t impacted by several states, just Canada. The following tables represent the correlation between the various parities of the foreign exchange market. The charts give precise details on the correlation between two parities. They show the history and the distribution of the correlation over a given period.

Forex Correlation

Aside from these member states, 5 other states outside of the EU have also adopted Euro as their national currency. Since the Euro is not a currency of a single state but of a number of states, it has a lot more opportunities to be impacted due to several states being involved. Any activity that is out of the ordinary in any one of the states can directly impact this valuable currency. Hedging a position is also a reason to trade forex correlations. If you are bullish about AUD and want to buy AUD/USD, then buying USD/CHF to hedge off some of the USD exposure may be a wise move.

The representatives of these individual banks also hold speeches frequently where they explain these results in more detail. These speeches are just, if not more, important in determining the direction of the EURCAD market. From ECB, Christine Lagarde who is the President of the institution is highly looked upon for her speeches.

This allows you to lock in a larger interest profit on your investment. When employing the carry trade technique, you must first determine the funding and asset currencies. The funding currency is the currency that is exchanged in the transaction. The Euro has historically been an appealing funding Umarkets Broker review: boost your chances of winning currency. Going short, i.e. selling the euro while concurrently purchasing the Canadian dollar, is essential for successful EUR/CAD carry trading. When this occurs, you will be paid interest depending on the interest rate difference between EUR and CAD as well as the amount of your investment.

The peaks represent the points in the chart showing positive correlation, with the troughs showing negative correlation. It may be important to know whether the open positions in a portfolio are correlated. In this case, it is important to adjust the size of the positions in order to avoid a serious loss.

From BOC, Sharon Kozicki who is the Deputy Governor of the institution is highly looked upon for her speeches. The Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, is a major contributor to any movements with this minor currency pair. GDP shows the overall performance of a country’s economy.

eurcad correlation

The Eurozone is the largest monetary union in the world and one of the most popularly traded currencies in FX. Throughout history there have been numerous times the euro has been used as a funding currency during times of global economic uncertainty. The EUR/CAD xCritical Review typically has a slightly higher average true range than the majors, offering more opportunities to intra-day traders & swing traders alike. Carry trading involves borrowing a low-interest-rate currency in order to invest in a higher-interest-rate currency.

Therefore the more the number of unemployed people, the more burden it is on the government to use their reserves to provide for the unemployed people. The information and publications are not meant to be, and do not constitute, financial, investment, trading, or other types of advice or recommendations supplied or endorsed by TradingView. Different pip or point valuescan be used to a trader’s advantage when hedging exposure. Value at risk is a tool to measure the risk of loss on a portfolio. Our interactive tool allows you to measure VaR in forex. The currency index represents the evolution of a currency relative to the entire forex.

Management of risks

This way they earn a profit in whatever direction the market would swing. When the market retreats, they earn a profit again with the alternative position that they opened. This strategy is great for EURCAD as this dynamic duo can become really volatile sometimes. During times of volatility, scalping is a great strategy to capture profits between the fluctuating market rates. Trading a currency pair that includes the USD brings a lot of challenges. The U.S. dollar is the most popular currency in the industry.

  • This volatility is great for traders who use the scalping strategy as they’re able to take advantage of these constant price swings in order to make a quick profit.
  • If the correlation is low then the currencies don’t move in the same way.
  • Any rise in interest rates for the EUR will have a directly proportional impact on the EURCAD currency pair.
  • It is also relatively stable as an individual currency as compared to the Euro as it isn’t impacted by several states, just Canada.

Both EUR and CAD are individually among the most popular currencies. However, they are still considered a minor currency pair when placed together due to not containing the USD. They are also considered a minor because they are relatively new compared to other pairs due to EUR only being introduced in recent times. Let’s dive into more detail on each of these currencies as individuals in order to better understand their trading conditions as a forex pair. The Euro / Canadian Dollar denotes how many Canadian Dollars are needed to purchase one Euro. Crude oil is one of Canada’s largest exports and as such, tends to be sensitive to fluctuations in crude oil prices and global growth expectations.

Introducing EURCAD

Economic surprises and positioning for both currencies are around neutral. If the correlation is low then the currencies don’t move in the same way. If the correlation is high and negative then the currencies move in the opposite way. The correlation coefficient highlights the similarity of the movements between two parities. After today’s ECB meeting missed market expectations for a coordinated move of the ECB and the EU.

Interest rate decisions are a major contributing factor towards the movement of EURCAD in the forex markets. Any rise in interest rates for the EUR will have a directly proportional impact on the EURCAD currency pair. Similarly, any rise in interest rates for the CAD will have an inversely proportional impact on EURCAD. A great example can be seen when the ECB decided on increasing its short-term interest rates. If the Bank of Canada decided on increasing their interest rates any more than what it already is, the EURCAD pair would decrease in value. Currencies are traded in pairs, meaning no single currency pair is ever isolated.

Therefore, it is also impacted the most in case of any inconvenience. Any major economic event occurring anywhere around the globe has a direct impact on the value of the USD. Therefore, this causes any dollar currency pairs to experience unstable market conditions most of the time. In order to avoid any sudden fluctuations in market rates, some traders prefer trading currencies that don’t involve the USD.

For example, having three trades on (GBP/NZD, USD/JPY, and EUR/JPY) means you can run an analysis between the three markets to make sure they are not correlated, effectively diversifying your trades. This ‘correlation coefficient’ ranges between -1 and +1 and shows the degree of correlation. For example, +1 would be a positive linear correlation, and implies that the two currencies will always move in the same direction. Leveraged trading in foreign currency or off-exchange products on margin carries significant risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

We advise you to carefully consider whether trading is appropriate for you based on your personal circumstances. We recommend that you seek independent advice and ensure you fully understand the risks involved before trading. Compare correlation of up to 10 different currency pairs in real time. Each trade signal given to you with fundamental and technical analysis chart which helps you to understand why our analyst team has given the Buy signals and Sell Signals. The pip value of forex pairs is calculated in real time.

If the demand for crude oil decreases, Canada will suffer as they wouldn’t be able to export them as much, and therefore, EURCAD will increase in value. This can be seen during the war between Russia and Ukraine where the demand for crude oil has increased which in turn caused EURCAD to decrease in value. Unemployment is also one of the biggest factors that contribute to the value of a currency pair. If a person is unemployed, it is a burden on the government’s end to provide basic necessities for them for survival.

Canada is among the larger exporters of valuable commodities such as gold, crude oil, wood, and grain. Therefore their economy greatly depends on the export of these commodities in order to thrive and increase in value. Any changes to the market for these commodities such as demand or prices will have a direct impact on the EURCAD pair. Traders can also use currency correlation for diversifying risk.

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